Penatai 7 burung mali Iban (The origin of 7 omen birds of Iban augury)

Sera Gunting was told by his grandfather about 7 omen birds and to observe them.
“If you never listen to the call of omen birds, no amount of charms will make your work prosper”, said Sengalang Burong, “and these omen birds are all my son-in-laws;

Listed according to their room position in relation to that of father in law as the chief (tuai rumah):

From the left and in order of importance are:

1) Ketupong (Rufous piculet) – leading warrior (raja berani) – burung paling tinggi tauka bisa

1a) Slow click click which means important messages

1b) Quick shriek – jaloh which means urgent messages

“Lazy bird” – not many words

2) Bejampong (Crested jay)- second in command – bujang berani = known for swiffness and agility

3) Beragai (scarlet-rumped trogon) – third in command – burung gaga (happy bird) due to its laughing sound.

4) Embuas (Banded Kingfisher) – burung sinu – the mourning bird due ot its weeping call

5) Pangkas or Kutok (Maroon woodpecker) –  burung lebu (omen of futility)

6) Kelabu papau senabong (Diard’s Trogon) – burung rabun due to its coughing call

7) Nendak (white-rumped shama) – burung celap



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