If the grave of an ancestor is covered by an anthill, this is a good sign that indicates that the deceased intends to safeguard the future well-being of his descendants and will confer favors on those who are especially capable. However, if the earth over the grave of an ancestor, parent, child, or other close family member sinks (lengkap), this is a bad omen that indicates future ill-luck, poverty, and lack of success. Those who see it should immediately fill the sinking ground with earth.

The appearance of fungi (kulat) on an heirloom jar (tajau) is a grave ill-omen. It forewarns the death of the jar owner and extinction of the line heirs entitled to its inheritance. It must be neutralized as soon as possible with offerings and by smearing the jar and its owner with the blood of a sacrificial pig. The owner may also seek to sell the jar in order to avoid the consequence of this omen.



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