Iban Migration – Peturun Iban

The articles produced here is divided into 4 parts series which narrate the Origin and migrational pattern of the Iban people of Borneo.

From the mythic days of Chief Bejie,

the arrival of the Gods Sengalang Burong and his family;

the Orang Panggau and the Orang Gelong;

the holy spirits (Demons or Antu Gerasi) from their spirit world;

the arrival of Pateh Ambau (a nobleman from Minangkabau);

they all had brought about the development of the unique (often brutal) religious and cultural heritage of the Iban people.

Pateh Ambau have brought the development of vocabulary, literary and oratory skill of the Minangkabau people to the Iban people, as there are a lot of similarity of vocabulary used by these two races.

The Iban also adopted the council of elders system of the Minangkabau for major decision making body in the Iban society in addition to adoption of titles like “Pateh” and “Temenggong”.



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