The carving of various designs was taught by Sengalang Burong to his grandson, Sera Gunting, during the latter’s visit to his house in heaven. An ukir or carving called “Balu Menyagu” was commanded by Sengalang Burong not to be made below other designs as it depicted the design used by him to carve his own seat. As a matter of fact, this particular design was and is only carved by the Iban on the upper part of a tomb hut during the Gawai Antu festival.

Another design called “Bunga Terong” was taught by Selamuda, a son of Jelenggai, to his son Begeri eighteen generations ago. This design is used by the Iban to carve the pemanjar of the tomb-huts, which jut out at both ends of the rooftop. The favorite design of the Iban is called ukir berandau and is used for carving the posts of the house or for decorating the bedstead of a daughter of a noble chief.

More details can be found in a book entitled Basic Iban design by Stephen Anggat.


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