Tusut Iban (Genealogy)


This page is about the genealogical traditions of the iban people from their mythical past ancestors to this modern day Ibans.

Originally the tusut was told from one generation to the next by oral tradition and mentioned in various songs, prayers, praise performed at various rituals of the Iban people.

My hope is to keep alive the memory of my ancestors journey and sacrifice through time. The blood, sweat and tears they shed to carve the way for the survival of their descendant. Let their hope and prayer for us will not be in vain.

From the time when God created Dayang Laing from a golden rock (tengkulas batu mas) ,

through the time Bejie climbed the stairway to heaven to seek answers from God,

the arrival of Sengalang Burong and the people of Tansang Kenyalang,

the arrival of the Panggau Libau and Gellong people,

the arrival of Pateh Ambau (a nobleman from Minangkabau), 

to their present day descendent,

the journey has been very eventful (at times brutal) and has been transcribed in various pages of this website.

The main aim of this publication is to share with readers and the future generations the study of our Iban family tree as they spread their wings out across the land of hornbill.


Tusut Ari Bejie
Tusut Ari Dayang Laing Enggau Abu Tinggang
Tusut Ari Dayang Laing Enggau Bunsu Ribut
Tusut Ari Raja Sempulang Gana
Tusut Ari Sengalang Burong


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