The Hunt For Bujang Senang

The Hunt For Bujang Senang


On 3rd June 1990, a local native from a Longhouse near to Bakong rushed to town looking for help. He reported that while his wife accompanied by his five years old son were washing cloth by the river of Batang Lupar, a huge white floating ‘tree trunk’ approached, she was not aware of it, suddenly it moved, in a blink of an eye she was pulled down to the river, while her 5 yrs old son was badly scared and can’t do anything but rushed back home for help!

According to the kid, it was a very, very big ‘moving tree trunk’. After it took his mother, it submerged.

The next day, we rushed to the venue and set up to trap this cold blooded creature.

First, with the help of a very experienced mid-aged Bomoh (Black Magician), he sat down by riverside with his ‘equipment’ and started to pray. Few minutes later, a few small crocodiles can be seen floating steAdily, but this is not what we were expecting!

Half an hour later, here came the bad, sinful terminater, appeared and disappeared in the middle of the river. It didn’t seem to be influenced by black magic but the Bomoh noticed that it was different from others, so he stood up and read the magic words louder and faster as his body was shaking too.

Few minutes later, with the effect of the magic power, it began to move and struggle from pulling force towards the Bomoh, when it approached near to the river band, we rushed to it and started the fight.

With parangs (sharp samurai made by local Iban), axes and tough thread, we foght for around half an hour and managed to kill the cold blooded terminator.

It was dangerous because its sharp teeth, powerful tail & tough skin which was as tough as thick hardwood, one of our gang was hit by its tail and admitted to Hospital for few days. But we made to catch and kill it! It was very long from head to tail.

When we did the post mortem, three stainless steel watches, a lot of human hair and bones, a few coins were found inside its belly. So, I think it must have swallowed quite a number of human life.

Have you ever tried Allegator Dinner? Woo…it’s great!

Right after we captured it, we removed the skin, sliced it into small piece and gave to those who were interested, about 5 kg each (250 shares) but some of the local native denied, as they believed that the spirit was still there.

As for the Chinese, they brought to restaurant to enjoy nice dinner. The best way to prepare Allegator Dinner is to slow cook for three hours with ginger, black bean sauce, sesamme oil, brandy, red onion, chilly… wow…. you will never forget the taste.!!!!


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