Sampi Nengkadah ari ngau makai garam anak mit

Soon after the umbilical cord of a new born baby peels off, which is normally about four to five days following its birth, the child is brought by his grandmother or an elderly lady of the longhouse to the open air platform so that the child will look up into the sky (nengkadah hari) for the first time. When the baby looks up the elderly lady then puts a grain of salt on his lips. This is followed by the lady’s simple invocation thus:

“O hoi!
Where are you, God,
Where are you, Ini Inda,
Who lives at the peak of the land, (tuchong Rabong menoa)
Where are you, Ini Inee,
Who dwell at the zenith of the day? (nangga hari)
Where are you Serangindit,
Maker of the sky in the shape of embawang lanja (a kind of sour fruit)?
Please watch, observe, protect and guard our grandchild.
Confer on him luck and vision.
Let him be famous and widely known in this world.
Let him be healthy, prosperous, rich and wealthy.
Long may he live says Sentuku,
Let him be healthy says Selampandai,
Keep him sound and well, says God. “


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