Bengkah leka main Iban

Status Report of Research Projects

Last Updated on Monday, 13 February 2012 02:38

Up to December 2011, the Oral History Section of the Tun Jugah Foundation has recorded more than 700 hours of various categories and forms of oral literature. Among them are as follows:

Timang (invocatory chants)
Ramban (rhymic songs)
Sabak (dirges)
Pengap (Ritual/invocatory chants)
Pantun (traditional songs)
Sampi/Biau (invocatory prayers/religious supplications)
Berua’ (Shamanic rituals)

Sugi Main and Sugi Sakit (legendary songs for entertainment and healing)
Renung Adat (ritual songs) and Renung Semain (songs of romance)
Pelandai (poetic riddle songs)
Pelian (healing chants)
Ensera (folktales/legends)
Cherita Pandak (short stories)
Naku (ritual songs for head trophies)


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