Iban Traditional Past times

Iban Traditional Dance
In this section I hope to compile as much as possible, all the traditional and favourite pastimes of the Iban people. I will attempt to discuss in detail its origin and its role in the Iban way of life. Such pastimes include:
– playing marbles (guli),
– playing catch with river stones (serimban or selingkut),
– spinning tops (bepangka gasing),
– sword dance (bapencha),
– Iban martial art (kuntau),
– fighting with knees (pangka attak),
– wrestling of various forms (bechekak, bibat betis, bibat lengan),
– war dances of various forms (ngajat),
– cock-fighting,
– body tattoo and piercing (bepantang, pekalingai),
– batak lampong,
– ngayap (Iban traditional form of courting),
– various methods of hunting, fishing & trapping,
– and many others that anyone can think of.

This section is to be kept open to all who wants to contribute their article for preservation.


– ngamboh (smithing)
– betenun ngau beikat (weaving and knotting)
– miring, bedarak ngau begawai
– randau ruai
– ngabang
– brajar leka main
– ngukir
– beranyam bebuah

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