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Missing man’s family holds miring ceremony to find the victim

Posted on March 8, 2013, Friday

KUCHING: The family of Jerry Sylvester Ulen held a miring ceremony about 11am yesterday in the hope of locating the man, who

has gone missing since Tuesday.

Betong police chief DSP Wan Zaizodin Wan Jaafar yesterday confirmed that the traditional ritual had taken place before noon since the authorities had not found any trace of the missing person believed to have been a victim of a crocodile attack.

“We have not found the body yet. In fact, the family had a miring ceremony around 11am today (yesterday).

“Our men are still on the ground conducting search-and-rescue (SAR) efforts, which have turned up negative so far,” he said when contacted here.

Wan Zaizodin assured that the SAR operation – comprising 40 authorised personnel – would carry on.

“We have 40 men mounting the search and rescue work at any one time,” he said.

The SAR team is made up of personnel from Betong Police Station, Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Defence Department and Rela.

On Wednesday, Jerry’s father said his son had gone fishing around 4pm and was expected home by 6pm, but he never showed up.

The 40-year-old, together with his two grandsons, then went down to the riverbank, where villagers usually fish, only to find Jerry’s slippers and food container.

According to the locals, the area is infested with crocodiles that could be as big as three feet wide.

Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2013/03/08/missing-mans-family-holds-miring-ceremony-to-find-the-victim/#ixzz2VH5y8ARR


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