History of Body Piercing And Vagina Piercing

History of Body Piercing And Vagina Piercing

body piercing and vagina piercingIn discussing body piercing – the history of body piercing to include vagina piercing, it is clear this is not a new phenomenon to human beings. It has been practiced for over 30,000 years by communities all over the world. It holds great cultural and religious meanings. There are also piercings for various medical benefits and therapies. Various regions and parts are pierced for ornaments including the ears, nose, mouth and the belly button (especially for women).

In modern day world, few people practice it for reasons other than ornaments. The known religions that have piercings for religious purposes are Hinduism and other cults. Otherwise piercings are done for fashion reasons and are most common among the youth. Though some old people still practice piercings, they are a rare sight indeed.

In ancient Egyptian civilization, piercings reflected status and the love for beauty. The mummies that have been discovered with piercings in the tombs of Egypt were dated to 5000 years ago. They belonged to a supposedly rich man and were in the form of ear plugs. This is the basis for the theory that plugs were the earliest forms of bodily piercings.


Body Piercing And Vagina Piercing

The pharaohs of Egypt were the only people allowed to have their belly buttons pierced and this proves that belly buttons have not started being pierced today. Any other subject even of the royal family was not allowed to adorn themselves in these piercings which were made of gold.

The Bible And Body Piercing

(Including Vagina Piercing)

The bible also documents the this practice as abundant. It was considered a mark of wealth and status. It was given in many cases as the bride price and were widely accepted. It also signified beauty.

Romans were another civilization that treasured piercings and considered piercing nipples of centurions to be a sign of strength and virility. It served as a mark of honor that signified undying loyalty to the service of the Roman Empire therefore was the preserve of a few. Gladiators had their genitals pieced since they were slaves. This prevented them from engaging in intercourse without the consent of their owners.

Among the ancient Mayan empire peoples and some American Indians, they practiced it on the tongue for religious reasons. It was said to bring them closer to their gods as it was a form of ritual bloodletting. Their warriors had their noses pierced to achieve a frightening look.

As the world developed, this practice received heavy criticism from the church that condemned it as sinful. This caused the practice to die down especially in the western world and spread all over due to colonialism. However in recent years it has grown back and is catching on popularity.

body piercingIt started with what was called the renaissance period during the Elizabethan period during which men actively took up the practice especially sailors. However in the last century this has been mainly in the ears for both men and women.

The art has been spreading to other parts like the nose and eyelids. Rock stars and their adoring fans have been known to be the most avid piercers with some of the most outrageous piercings. Conservatives have stuck to the ear piercings and only women are allowed this type of body piercing.

Vagina Piercing

Even vagina piercing is becoming increasingly more accepted and desired.  Fortunately, the decision to have a body piercing, vagina piercing or tattoo is yours to make.

Source: http://vaginapiercing.net/body-piercing/


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