Palang – Penis Crossbar Piercing

Sarawak, Malaysia

PALANG Sarawak Reviews

The Sarawak Museum of Kuching Malaysia houses an exceptional ethnographic collection:as man and professional,I was particularly interested in a practice named PALANG that means cross-bar in Iban.

It is a horizontal piercing of the glans of the penis,done through or above the urethra using a rod or a barbell.

Palang is a very ancient practice already mentioned in the Kama Sutra(700 AD)that was still in use recently among Indonesia(Sumba,Sulawesi…)and in Borneo island among the Iban,Dayak,Kenyah…tribes.It signifies power,virility and sexual attraction.

Palang has 2 functions:

-one to avoid pregnancy,the sperm could not ejaculate because of the perforated urethra

-the other is to enhance the women’s sexual pleasure:it is said that it stimulates the inner walls of the vagina (BUT without applying pressure directly to the G spot)

under construction or perforation



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