Penis inserts – ball bearings

Posted 2009-03-20 08:53:40

Get a job offshore !.. Dunno about nowadays but back in the early 90’s I’d often hear about one of the divers or rigger foremen having ‘beads’ put into his penis.. I think it was usually Iban riggers or Filipinos doing the surgery.. They used to polish up a piece of plastic till it was smooth and about the size of an elongated pea.. Then they would stretch out the foreskin (using a small flashlight to check for blood vessels) then pierce the foreskin and insert the ‘bead’ into the incision.. Bandage up and wait for the cut to heal.. If you were lucky you now had a lumpy penis with a bead.. If not you had an itchy infected foreskin.. It was a very common practise amongst the locals… Many were doing 6 – 9 Month trips offshore and I guess boredom played a part.. I also knew an Indian Safety man called Gopal who insisted he had around a dozen stainless steel beads inserted into his foreskin.. and according to him his wife loved it..
Of course penile piercing has been around for centuries in India (and other cultures) and is hardly a new thing..

Edited by Pdaz, 2009-03-20 08:54:28.


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