Vagina Piercing

Vagina Piercing

vagina piercing

Vagina Piercing

One of the main reasons so many women are exploring the possibility of having a vagina piercing is for an enhancement of arousal and pleasure during sex.  They can also be quite decorative, and many men and women find vagina piercing attractive and very sexy.

There are different styles and methods of vagina piercing to choose from, some are more ornamental, while others are more pleasurable. The procedure can be a little risky, but they usually heal well.

The VCH, or vertical clitoral hood, is one of the safest and most common types of vagina piercing. The clitoral hood is a very thin piece of skin that covers the super sensitive clitoris. With the jewelry placed vertically on the skin, it does not cause much friction. This kind does cause pleasure when placed correctly on the clitoral hood.

Vagina Piercing

Vagina Piercing

When the soft, outermost lips over the genital area are pierced, it is called an outer labia, or OL. Many women have more than one. These are mostly for decorative purposes, because they are not close enough to the clitoris to affect stimulation.

A Christina piercing, also known as a Venus piercing, is another vagina piercing that is very popular. It is located where the outer labia meet, below the pubic mound. Unless the recipient has just the right anatomy, Christinas are usually considered surface piercings and have a high rejection rate. Due to anatomical variation, it is not possible with every woman. The piercing does not enhance sexual stimulation and can be uncomfortable when pressure is applied, for example when wearing tight pants.

A Nefertiti piercing is a vagina piercing that is a combination of a vertical clitoral hood piercing  and a Christina piercing.  Healing can be lengthy due to the amount of tissue the jewelry must pass through. Flexible bars are recommended by professional piercers for jewelry due to pressures that could be put on the piercing by being passed through so much flesh.

Another type of female genital piercings are called triangles. A triangle is when a circular barbell is positioned just behind the clitoris, below the clitoral shaft. It is very easy for this kind to cause sexual stimulation. It is usually protected by the lips of the outer labia, so it will not get caught easily on clothing. However, it often takes up to three months for it to heal.

Is Vagina Piercing Painful?

Many women are worried that a vagina piercing is painful and hard to take care of, though it depends on the type of procedure. Piercings on the outer labia involve thick skin and tissue, so they can be fairly painful. However, piercings that involve thin tissue, such as the VCH, are often the least painful.

If necessary, a topical anesthetic can be used to nearly numb the area. Many piercers keep anesthetics suitable for using on the genitals. They come as sprays or creams. A glass of wine or an aspirin taken a half hour before the process can also help to make the procedure less painful.

After You Get A Vagina Piercing

Caring for the area afterwards is very important to avoid an infection. Clean the area as instructed by the piercer. It could be necessary to avoid sex or masturbation for a while. Depending on the kind of piercings, it might take up to three months, or as little as two weeks, to fully heal.

Be sure to understand that it is nearly impossible to safely and accurately perform your own vagina piercing. This is very unsafe and can lead to serious injury. While many may have pierced their own ears or bellybutton, a genital piercing isn’t as simple. Only professional, experienced piercers know just how to position the jewelry on the genitals so that it will cause pleasure, not discomfort or irritation. Home piercings may also be asymmetrical and are much more likely to get infected.

If carefully maintained, a vagina piercing is a great form of sexual expression. It should only take a few days to become accustomed to it. They usually heal quickly without infection.

Check out this video about clitoral and other vagina piercing:

Required Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner. This article is not intended to be a substitute for visiting your own doctor.

Vagina Piercing and body piercing, it’s your body, it’s  your decision, enjoy it!


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