Nama kabuah Iban main gasing?

I once saw my late aki made a spinning top from tebelian tiang lada. I was wnodering why aki made a gasing as his age is already very old by then. NOw I know the reason for doing so!


From the month of June to August men traditionally played with spinning tops (bepangka) all over the country. Top spinning was believed to make easier the felling of trees for new padi fields.

Again, in late February the young men traditionally played with tops once more in order to burst spiritually the womb or kandong4 of the padi so as to hasten the ripening of the grain.

As men are spinning tops, boys play with small tops made by their fathers.

Iban tops are usually made of tough, strong woods such as kayu malam, bait, engkerutak, mengeris, and tapang.



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