Iban religion

To the Iban mind, the deities are the messengers between the principal god of creation, Bunsu Petara, and man and are similar in power to the prophets of the proselytizing religions of Islam and Christianity.

In folklore and the song cycles, deities are remembered and celebrated by the Iban.

Each deity taught the people the way to worship God (Bunsu Petara) with offerings in smaller ceremonies and various festivals, such as follows:

1. Miring (Making Offerings)

2. Bedara mata in the family room (bilek) i.e. “unripe” ceremony for making an offering to God and His deities, and

3. Bedara mansau at the open gallery (ruai) i.e. a “ripe” ceremony for making offerings to God and His deities.

4. Makai di ruai (Midday Feast on the communal gallery (ruai))

5. Sandau Ari / Gawai Mataq di tanju (Day time festival)

6. Enchaboh Arong di ruai ngau tanju

7. Gawai Kenyalang (Hornbill Festival)

8. Gawai Burong (Bird Festival) – 9 stages

9. Gawai Sakit (Healing Festival), Belian (Healing rite), Sugi Sakit ngau Renong Sakit

10. Gawai Pangkong Tiang (Main House Post Banging Festival)

11. Gawai Ngemali Umai (Farm Healing Festival)

12. Gawai Antu (Festival for the Dead)

13. Gawai Batu (Whetstone Festival)



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