Senjata Iban kelia

What is surong bila, bujak, perambut ngau berayang?


The other method used by ancient war leaders to summon their warriors was to send their most trusted warrior from one longhouse to another, with a sharp spear (sangkoh) heavily decorated with the hair of enemies.

On arrival at each fighting man’s longhouse, the bearer of the spear informed his comrades-in-arms that they were requested to join the warpath on a certain day.

On receiving this message, each warrior started to arm himself with weapons such as nyabor, langgai tingang (nyabor indu), surong bila, ilang and pedang swords; terabai (shield), sumpit (blowpipe), sangkoh, bujak, perambut and berayang spears.

A day or two before the war party was due to set out, all the fighters assembled at the war leader’s longhouse, sufficiently provisioned by their wives with rice and cakes.

These methods of calling people to war ended in about 1900.



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