Kedu “Lang Ngindang”

Early in 1879, led away by their principal chief, Lang
Endang (the Hovering Hawk), a Government pengulu, the
Sekrang Dayaks prepared to attack their old enemies,
the Kantu Dayaks, in Netherlands Borneo. They were
prevented in time, information of their purpose having
been conveyed to the Government. Their war-prahus were
destroyed, and a heavy fine was imposed upon them.
Lang Endang, whilst professing loyalty to the Govern-
ment, was secretly inciting the Sekrangs to resist, and
they refused to pay the fine. Lang Endang offered to
attack the recalcitrants if a party of Malays was sent
to support him, but, as the Government was well aware
that treachery was meditated, the offer was declined.
Acting under instructions from headquarters, the Resident
entered the Sekrang at the head of a large body of Malays
and Kalaka, Saribas and Batang Lupar Dayaks in April.
Lang Endang had assured the Government that he would
not allow the Sekrangs to make a stand in his district, but
at the same time he had collected them secretly around his


long-house, and his plan was to fall on the Government
bala and take it by surprise. This he succeeded in doing.
A large horde of armed savages surrounded the punitive
force and attacked it, but the Sekrangs were badly worsted
and lost many killed and wounded ; the Government
forces advanced, driving the rebels before them, and Lang
Endang’s village was burnt to the ground. The Sekrangs
then submitted, paid the fine, and deposited pledges for
future good behaviour. Lang Endang was declared an
outlaw. He was driven from one place to another, and
although he was burnt out several times, he managed to
escape with his life. Finally he was suffered to settle by
himself in the Kanowit, a broken-down old man, without
power to do more harm. The Sekrangs had for many
years been the Rajah’s devoted followers ; since this final
outbreak they have given no more trouble, and have
regained their good character.


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