Battle of Padang Kumang in 1884

In 1884, a large force of Seriang Dayaks from Nether-
lands Borneo, under the leadership of pates, chiefs appointed
by the Dutch Government, attacked Padang Kumang, also
on the Dutch side, killing nine and wounding five more, and
in this expedition they were joined by a Batang Lupar Ulu
Ai chief, Ngumbang, with 300 followers. A heavy fine was
imposed upon Ngumbang, and he was ordered to remove
farther down the river, where he could be closely watched.
He refused to pay and to move, on the plea that the Dutch
Dayaks had been the originators and leaders of the raid,
and that he did not see why punishment should fall on his
head, whereas they were allowed to go scot free. Similar
attacks continued to be made, not only on the Kapuas side
of the frontier, but also upon the Lemanaks and Sekrangs
on the Sarawak side, and the whole of this part of the
country was in a ferment and disorder.



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