Iban Ritual Textiles by Traude Gavin

Can read a limited number of pages here. Very good details on gawai ngar.


The Women’s Warpath : Iban Rituak Fabrics from Borneo by Traude Gavin

Iban Or Sea Dayak Fabrics and Their Patterns by Charles Hose

Pua: Iban weavings of Sarawak by Edric Ong

Iban art: sexual selection and severed heads : weaving, sculpture, tattooing and other arts of the Iban of Borneo

Ties That Bind: Iban Ikat Weaving by Margaret linggi

The Sarawak Museum Journal – Volume 40, Issue 1 – Page 93

Fragile Traditions: Indonesian Art in Jeopardy – Page 130 by Micheal Happell

Oceania: Art of the Pacific Islands in the Metropolitan … – Page 230
Eric Kjellgren – 2007 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
CEREMONIAL CLOTH (Pua’ kumbu’) Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak, Iban people Probably 18th century Cotton H. 94% in. … the name “skull basket” is probably a metaphorical reference to what was formerly the most important role of pua’ cloths, …

Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei – Page 76
Charles de Ledesma, ‎Mark Lewis, ‎Pauline Savage – 2003 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions
Unique to Sarawak is pua kumbu (in Iban, “blanket”), a textile whose complex designs … As animists, Orang Asli artists draw upon the natural world – animals, trees, fish, as well as more abstract elements like fire and water – for their imagery.

Sarawak cultural legacy: a living tradition – Page 82
Lucas Chin, ‎Valerie Mashman, ‎Society Atelier Sarawak – 1991 – ‎Snippet view
The motifs woven into the central part of the pua are unique to the time it was woven, and even perhaps to the weaver; they elude contemporary … On the border (anak) are bird motifs, important in Iban thought, as earthly apparitions of spirits, or augurs of omens, mediating between the … Underneath Nising is the final border design of sepit api, three sets of fire tongs, again the metaphor of the creator god …

6th European Conference on Games Based Learning – Page 211
Patrick Felicia – 2012 – ‎Preview
In particular a game-based learning (GBL) platform to promote the Iban culture is being developed. … one of the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Borneo, and can be found in both states of Sabah and Sarawak (Malaysia), and Brunei … five patterned skirts (kain kebat) and five blankets (pua kumbu), all in their original designs (Encyclopaedia of Iban Studies, 2001). … Narrative is not merely a story achieved through analysis and arguments, but through metaphor and connection.

Indonesian weaving between heaven and earth: religious … – Page 7
Itie C. Hout – 1999 – ‎Snippet view
Ikat textiles from the Iban, Borneo Iban ceremonial textiles are known for their intriguing motifs in various tones of beige, reddish and … The majority of the Iban live in longhouses on riverbanks in the interior of Sarawak. … Nowadays, a raid is more a metaphor for acquiring riches, fame and status, instead of enemies’ heads.

International “Ikat” Weaving Forum, Kuching, Sarawak, … – Page 140
1999 – ‎Snippet view
But according to the myth about the start of the ikat technique, Muji Babo’s daughter, Piga Wadu, developped the technique of ikating. She went to the sky … The social structure is often expressed through botanical metaphors. For example the …


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