List of Iban Gawai

What are Gawai Sempuyung Mathari. Gawai Nangga Medan adn Gawai Mapal Tunggul which are listed below?

Activities that are called `gawai’ are more important than other activities, and especially for persons who continue to follow traditional beliefs, and the chants that acquire the fruit of the mythical ranyai palm, and walking the way of the ancestors.

An inventory of these indigenous festivals begins with Gawai Teresang Mansau, Gawai Kelingkang, Gawai Ijau Pumpung, Gawai Nangga’ Hari, Gawai Lesung, Gawai Sempuyung Matahari, Gawai Nangga Medan, Gawai Lemba’ Bumbun, Gawai Kenyalang, Gawai Sandung Liau, and Gawai Mapal Tunggul.

The significance of all these rituals is enormous in the beliefs and behaviors of Ibans, whether organized according to schedule or in response to some dream or omen. They provide contexts within which organizers and others may seek good fortune and blessings particular to the powers of individual gods and spirits, for example, bravery from Sengalang Burung, wealth from Anda Mara, good health from Matai Tuai Raja Menjaya and Sempandai, good harvests from Sempulang Gana, long life from Ini’ Andan, medicants from Ini’ Manang, and on and on for the needs of a good life.

When a major festival is organized, hundreds of guests are invited, and thousands of dollars invest to ensure a surplus of food and drink. The festivals that are held, and their sequence varies by region and tradition.

In the upper Rejang, the festivals that are observed are Gawa’ Nimang Benih, Gawa’ Nimang Bulu’, Gawa’ Nimang Sukat, Gawa’ Nimang Sera, Gawa’ Memali Umai, Gawa’ Nimang Engkuni’, Gawa’ Betubu’ Ayu, enggau Sandau Hari.

Distinctions are made by region or river between `gawaʹ’, minor rites, and `gawai’, major events.

Source> A Comprehensive Iban-English Dictionary. by Prof Dr Vinson Sutlive

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